“In this world of “make a quick buck “, it’s a relief of find a contractor focused on quality and customer satisfaction”
Robert Harris, President
Cotporate Object Group

‘Throughout the process, I found your company to offer what many others in your profession should, but do not”
Alan Ching

“Your honesty and help over the last few months have been very important to me and my business”
Roger Reynolds

“Post -Service is something that means a lot to me and Kim Thorenfeldt’s follow up and follow through is something that I will remember for a long time”
Fred Larimer

“Thank you so very much for all your hard efforts in doing such a beautiful job with the repairs at our home”
Kelly and Dianne

“Mr, Thorenfeldt displays the characteristics of thorougness and professionalism one associates with success”
William J. Sumnmer
Bectel Engineering